There’s More to Distracted Driving than Texting

August 22 , 2016 | Car Accidents

Texting and driving is a prevalent problem within the United States. It is common to see other drivers using their phones while driving, and sometimes even you may use your phone while driving.

Because of the commonness of texting while driving, 46 states have adopted laws that prohibit texting and driving. The problem is that texting isn’t the only activity that drivers engage in while driving. Drivers also are using other apps such as Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pokemon Go while operating their vehicles.

A survery of 2,500 people ages 14-18 from across the country found that almost 70% of teenagers claim that they use apps while driving. The survey also included a question about which behavior is the most dangerous to engage in while driving. 29% of respondents said drinking and driving was the most dangerous, 25% said texting while driving was the most dangerous and only 6% said that using social media while driving was the most dangerous.

According to the NHTSA, every day of the year more than eight people are killed in accidents involving distracted driving and more than 1,000 accidents resulting in injuries involving distracted driving occur. These numbers are likely lower than they should be because it is difficult to prove an accident occurred because of distracted driving. Many people do not want to admit to using their phone while driving after an accident occurs.

Taking your eyes off the road for periods of 2 seconds or more greatly increases your risk of being involved in an accident. Any time that people use their phones in any capacity while driving they greatly increase their risk of being involved in any accident because they are not focusing on the road.

What can we do to keep people off their phones while they are driving?