Police Officer has Tea Party with Toddler Whose Life He Saved

August 15 , 2016 | Uncategorized

A police officer from Dallas recently had a tea party with a little girl whose life he saved after she began choking on a coin. The tea party took place in honor of the one-year anniversary of the officer saving the little girl’s life.

When Bexley Norvell was 22 months old in July 2015, she accidently swallowed a coin. Her mother, Tammy Norvell, dialed 911 when she saw her daughter in distress. Police officer Patrick Ray was clocking out for the day when the call came in about the toddler. Officer Ray logged back into the system and rushed to the scene.

Once he arrived on the scene, Officer Ray began to check the airways of the toddler until she began to breathe again. He continued to assist the toddler until the paramedics arrived to the scene.

Once the toddler arrived at the hospital, x-rays were completed. The x-rays revealed that the toddler had swallowed a penny. Officer Ray visited the toddler in the hospital after the incident.

Photographs were taken of Officer Ray and Bexley Norvell as they commemorated the anniversary of the rescue by having a tea party.

What do you think about this reunion?