Kid’s L.L. Bean Water Bottles Recalled

July 22 , 2016 | Personal Injury

The retailer, L.L. Bean, is recalling insulated water bottles that were designed for children because of possible lead contamination.

The Consumer  Product Safety Comission states that the bottles were imported by the company GSI Outdoors and sold by the retailer, L.L. Bean, from July 2015 to May 2016. They were reported to have cost around $20. The bottles are 13.5 ounces and were available in five different patterns including flowers, sharks, butterflies, dinosaur bones and camouflage.

L.L. Bean stated that when the bottles were ordered they specified lead-free water bottles, but after conducting rountine testing it was discovered that lead solder was used to seal the bottoms of some of the bottles.

L.L. Bean is now issuing a volunatry recall on the children’s water bottles. Owners of the water bottles should stop using them immediately and contact L.L. Bean to return the water bottle and recieve a refund.

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