Do You Need An Attorney After A Car Accident?

October 23 , 2015 | Car Accidents

While car accidents happen every minute of the day, we never think they will happen to us. Few people are prepared for the steps they need to take after an accident, but knowing what to do after a crash can make a big difference in your recovery.

Seeking medical treatment and contacting police are the first two steps. But, where should you go from there? Should you call a lawyer after your car accident?

Whether or not you need an attorney depends on a number of factors.

 You may benefit from a lawyer’s help if:

  •  The extent of your injuries is very great, or unclear. If you suffer from a minor injury, it may not be worth involving a lawyer. However, you should still see a physician, because injuries that seem minor can turn out to be serious. It is not always easy to estimate the costs of car accident injuries. At our law firm in Oak Creek, Wisconsin, we draw on attorney Kevin Martin’s background as a nurse and his medical knowledge to fully understand the long-term costs of our clients’ injuries.
  • There is a dispute about fault. If there is not clear evidence showing that another driver is at fault for your injuries, it may be challenging to get the other driver’s insurance company to fully compensate you. The other driver’s insurance adjuster is likely to seek statements from you to show that you are at fault and diminish the value of your claim.
  • The other driver was uninsured or underinsured. If the driver who is at-fault for your injuries didn’t carry adequate insurance, an experienced lawyer can help you understand your options to get the compensation you need.
  •  An insurance adjuster offered a low-ball settlement. The other driver’s insurance company, or even your own insurance company, is likely to offer you a settlement to prevent litigation. Of course, insurance companies are motivated by profits and they are unlikely to offer you the maximum compensation you are entitled to. If you suspect the offer is low or unfair, consider consulting with a lawyer.

Many reputable and experienced personal injury lawyers will not charge you to review your car accident case and let you know what they think. If you have suffered serious or costly injuries in a car accident, consider talking to an attorney about your options.