Negligent Security?

July 30 , 2015 | Uncategorized

When you rent an apartment, you expect the landlord to take basic measures to ensure that residents are secure from preventable harm. Owners are expected to have locks on doors, and for the locks to be locked. Lighting in dangerous areas should be provided. Elevators and stairways should be monitored. Parking areas should be well-lit and monitored.

You Should Have Been Safe. But Someone Was Negligent.

Negligent security is different than common slip-and-fall problems. When owners neglect to maintain secure premises, visitors and building occupants face physical attack, beatings, rape, armed robbery and mugging.

Negligent security cases are a “niche” area of premises liability law. They hang on the question of whether reasonable measures were taken to assure the security of others. You need an attorney experienced in assault injuries and knowledgeable in determining what kinds of actions are “reasonable,” based on the thousands of precedents relevant to your case.

Were the doors locked? Was there an easy way to enter the building? Were other tenants in the building properly screened for criminal backgrounds?

Diligent Negligent Security Lawyer Kevin Martin Of Oak Creek

Personal injury attorney Kevin Martin is adept at identifying what security measures were in place at the time of the attack, whether they were adequate and whether they were functioning properly. He can assess how qualified or how well-trained security personnel were. If he discovers flaws in the planning or implementation of these security measures, you will have an excellent case for compensation.

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To learn the strength of your negligent security case, call attorney Kevin Martin at Martin Law Office, S.C., in Oak Creek, Wisconsin, for a no-charge, no-obligation consultation. We are sorry that you were injured, and we will do our utmost to see that you are rightfully compensated.