Importance of Police Reports After a Car Accident

May 22 , 2015 | Car Accidents

After a car accident one of the first steps you should take is contacting the police. Contacting the police ensure that your accident is being reported. These reports are helpful in many ways including:

· Reports give a full and accurate account of what happened which helps later when filing a claim with your insurance company.

· The insurance claim may be paid out faster because the details are easier to determine with a report.

· In cases where the accident demands a court case this report will be required by your attorney.

To ensure that your police report is as accurate and detailed as possible it is important to include the following:

· Description of what occurred

· Number of passengers in both cars

· List of driver’s names and insurance information

· The names of any witnesses and if possible their contact information

· A list of any damage to the vehicles (take pictures if possible)

· A list of injuries sustained by yourself or passengers (take pictures if possible)

It can also be helpful to take down the police officer’s name and contact information so that they can be contacted easier later on.

The more information included in the report will help to ensure that you have the evidence you need in the future.