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Reporting A Car Crash

Get the names and addresses of all people involved in the crash, including injured persons, and any witnesses. Exchange information with other drivers involved in the crash. You must report a crash to a law enforcement agency if there is an injury, a death or property damage of $1,000 or more to any one person’s property, or… Read More »


Bicyclists are legal users of the road. As such, they are entitled to the full use of a travel lane, although a bicyclist may choose to use the shoulder. When passing a bicycle, allow a minimum of three feet of space between your vehicle and the bicycle. Avoid turning across the path of a bicyclist. Most crashes… Read More »

Emergency Vehicles

You must yield the right-of-way to police vehicles, fire trucks, ambulances or other emergency vehicles using a siren, air horn or a red or blue flashing light. Pull over to the right edge of the road or as near to the right as possible and stop when you hear an emergency vehicle approaching from any… Read More »


A “four second” following distance rule is recommended. Note when the vehicle passes a stationary object or mark on the highway. If your vehicle passes the same mark before you have counted “one-thousand-one, one-thousand-two, one-thousand-three, one-thousand-four,” you are following too close for safety. This rule of thumb is a great tool to help keep everyone on… Read More »

You Control Your Fate

Not everything in life is under your control. But driving is. When you’re behind the wheel, you control your fate. That’s why when you’re driving, your one and only focus should be ON driving. Did you know that… traffic crashes are OFTEN caused by the WAY we drive? and 85% of all our motor vehicle crashes… Read More »


Roundabouts are becoming more common in the U.S. because they provide safer and more efficient traffic flow than standard intersections. By keeping traffic moving one-way in a counterclockwise direction, there are fewer conflict points and traffic flows smoothly. Crash statistics show that roundabouts reduce fatal crashes about 90%, reduce injury crashes about 75%, and reduce overall… Read More »

Construction Season Is Upon Us

Construction signs, maintenance or emergency operations signs are generally diamond or rectangular shaped, orange with black letters or symbols and warn you about people working on or near the roadway. These warnings include reduced speed, detours, slow moving construction equipment and lane closures. In work areas, traffic may be controlled by a person with a… Read More »

Buckle Up, Every Time!

Your safety belt helps protect you on long trips, short trips, all trips. Many traffic deaths happen within 25 miles of home. About 20% occur on roads posted at less than 45 mph. Your safety belt helps protect you no matter the distance of your trip. If you or a loved one needs a car… Read More »

Pay Attention to Your Vehicle!

It is very dangerous to drive if your brakes are not working properly. If they do not seem to be working properly, are making a lot of noise, smell like they are burning, or the brake pedal goes to the floor, have a mechanic check them.  Worn tires can cause hydroplaning (riding on top of… Read More »

Your Health and Driving

Many health problems can affect your driving: a bad cold, infection or virus. Even little problems like a stiff neck, a cough or a sore leg can affect your driving. If you are not feeling well and need to go somewhere, let someone else drive. If you or a loved one needs a personal injury or accident… Read More »


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