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Helpful tips for talking to your doctor after an auto accident

Keep these tips in mind while you’re with your doctor about a personal injury due to a car accident: Be sure to tell your physician that you were involved in an car accident. Ask your physician to perform a complete examination on you. If you are experiencing head pain, ask to have an MRI conducted. Examine… Read More »

Holiday Accident Statistics

Accidents increase due to alcohol around the holidays; family and friends celebrate and tragically this when their lives are in the most danger. The road is filled with drivers under the influence of alcohol or narcotics putting all of us in harm’s way. The best way to protect yourself is be clear-headed and aware of… Read More »

Too Fast For Weather Conditions

Snow, rain, fog, sleet, and ice are all weather conditions that can contribute to car accidents. If you have been in a car accident because someone was driving too fast for conditions, contact Martin Law Office at 414-856-2310.

The importance of proper tires on your vehicle

The impact of choosing proper tires for your vehicle can mean the difference between life and death. The ability to maneuver your car is dependent on your tires. The ability to stop, swerve and brake without your vehicle rolling over is also dependent on the quality of your tires. If you or someone you know… Read More »

How to get keys away from a drunk driver

Progressive has made a wonderful list of tips on how to get keys away from a drunk driver. If you know someone may drive drunk, you know the importance of intervening before that person gets behind the wheel. Some ways you can intervene may be: If the person is a close friend, try to use… Read More »

Child Safety In a Vehicle

In general, kids should ride in the back seat until they’re 13 years old, and they should use a car safety seat if they’re less than 4 feet 9 inches tall. Until they’re tall enough to wear a properly positioned adult seat belt, kids will need to use a car safety seat. Using these seats,… Read More »

Negligence & Medication Errors

Not only do medication errors happen in the pharmacy setting, they can happen in hospitals and nursing home facilities causing negligence claims. Every patient has 5 basic rights that a health care provider must follow to care for them and prevent such errors from taking place: (1) The right patient. (2) The right dose. (3)… Read More »

Yellow is Not the New Green Light!

Lately I have been noticing a lot of drivers who are disobeying traffic light signals. It seems as though the current trend for driving is that the yellow light means go and the red light means slow down. This is definitely not the case. A green light means go. A yellow light means slow down,… Read More »

Auto Accident Tips

Here are some helpful tips for handling a Hit & Run claim, according to the Department of Motor Vehicles. It’s stressful enough to be involved in an auto accident, but in these situations there are a couple things you can do. The first thing is always record or write down as much information that you… Read More »

Motor Vehicle Accident Attorney

Motor vehicle accidents happen every day. If you have been injured in a motor vehicle accident and are in need of a lawyer, contact Martin Law Office at 414-856-2310 for a no-cost consultation.


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