Oak Creek Personal Injury Attorneys

When You Are Injured Through Negligence,
Attorney Kevin Martin Will Stand By You

Most accident attorneys bring the same set of skills to their work – what they learned in law school and picked up from cases.

Kevin Martin of Oak Creek brings something different. Before turning to law, he was an intensive care unit nurse in a hospital setting.

  • Kevin Martin has medical knowledge superior to any other personal injury lawyer.
  • He knows how chronic pain undermines people's lives.
  • He knows how families suffer when they lose someone to a car accident or fall.

Because of his background, Kevin Martin has insights into car accidents, nursing home abuse, medical malpractice and other personal injury cases that other lawyers can't match.

If you've been injured, you appreciate when people understand your pain and discouragement. If compensation is important to you, you appreciate a lawyer who can authoritatively describe your condition from firsthand experience with patients.

If you've been hurt, you don't want to lose more than you already have. Let attorney Kevin Martin deal with the insurance company lawyers.

Attorney Kevin Martin will lay your case out for you in terms you can understand. His experience and devotion to clients are a one-two punch that insurance companies would rather not deal with.

Why not pick a Wisconsin attorney who knows what you're going through?

Call personal injury attorney Kevin Martin at Martin Law Office, S.C., at 414-856-4010.